Hax4You Rules of Survival Cheat May 08, 2019

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1.) Download the File
2.) Click Run Cheat Rules of Survival
3.) Select cheat type “Hax4You”

Note: To avoid getting ban from your game client, you must close all the applications including the game to avoid any detection.

  1. Select your game then click & hold Select Game button

  2. Your default browser will popup (ex. Google Chrome) then the ads will show. click im not a robot

    Then click “Click to continue” button

  3. Wait for a second

    Then click “Get Link” button

  4. Note: if this is your first time for this day activating this loader, you need to complete 4 ads but if its not then only once.​
  5. Copy the code and paste it to hax4you loader!

    Paste to loader then click confirm

Wait loader to load data for your game then enjoy!


Use Left Mouse for enable hack, Right Mouse for disable. Press Insert for hide/show menu
You can drag menu to anywhere you want

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